Your private house in Skiathos with ultimate luxury

You are in Skiathos, the most cosmopolitan island of Sporades. The refreshing green of the forest and the wonderful blue of the sky is the only thing that prevails in this quiet location. Built between the most popular beaches of the island, Koukounaries and Banana, 4 Elements Villa, quite literally dipped in green,  deceives you by making you think that it is part of the landscape. “Green”,environmentally friendly and with a unique high-end design and architecture, 4 Elements Villa is there to offer exclusive benefits to all those who want to experience the most extraordinary private, luxurious summer holidays. The villa invites you to live in luxury but with respect to the environment, to be inside and outside at the same time, to enjoy your holidays with ultimate exclusivity and relaxation in a house that has become an architectural landmark in Skiathos island.

4 Elements

In this villa all the four elements of nature are harmoniously combined, creating an idyllic atmosphere.

  • Earth: The villa, located in the green Mediterranean forest that soothes your soul, is “embraced” by the soil of Skiathos, as if it was always part of it.
  • Air: Even when inside, you will feel the cool summer breeze traveling all over the villa.
  • Water. When outside you will almost think that the gorgeous infinity pool of the villa and the sea are one.
  • Fire: In the morning let the hot rays of the sun touch your cheeks and in the evening enjoy a tantalizing barbeque meal in the premises of the villa.

Experience a stay in 4 Elements Villa and you will be persuaded that it could not have a more representative name.

Open the window and you are just steps away from Banana Beach

Good Morning Sunshine!

At a Glance:

  • 320 m2 (3450 ft²) of deck terrace connected seamlessly with the inside of the villa featuring outdoor sitting and dining area with built in BBQ
  • 6 Bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, all facing the view, 2 on ground floor and 4 on lower floor (Villa sleeps 12)
  • 270° of view to the beautiful forest and lake leading to the golden sandy beach of Koukounaries
  • 75 m2 (800 ft²) Infinity Pool
  • Outdoors Cinema
  • Privacy and Luxury in every aspect of your holidays
  • 5 min walk from the beach
  • Best of all, the amazing island of Skiathos with its more than 60 wonderful beaches, green landscapes and vibrant nightlife

Married to Nature

This villa is “embraced” by nature, as if it was a part of it. The forest, undisturbed, is spread around the villa. Even the roof is sacrificed and allows itself to be penetrated by the trees that were there before. In return, they make it the most charmingly special area of the house.


Embraced by Nanture

In and out become one

4 Elements Villa continues to surprise you. Here, you will not be sure whether you are inside or out. The unique architecture of the villa eliminates the boundaries between the interior and the outdoors.

The lines separating inside and out are fading out and almost disappear. During summer holidays, nothing is better than the feeling that you are outside all the time. Even when the windows are closed, you can truly admire the stunning views of green landscapes and the turquoise sea.

You can also enjoy your privacy even outside, thanks to the unique architecture of the villa that creates separated shaded relaxation areas.

Never feel traped inside!

Never feel traped inside!

Minimal Luxury

The interior of the villa, which is divided into two levels and has a total of six bedrooms, is the definition of classic modern and minimalistic. The glass windows offer panoramic views from every single room in the villa. These windows, slide opened, creating the unique sensation of being outside even when you’re protected under the cool shade of the villa. Also, the interior of this totally “green” villa is made of natural materials such as stone, wood and glass, creating a cozy atmosphere you will forever want to escape in. From there you can always indulge in unobstructed views of the sea as it continues from the edge of the pool.

YES! This is your buthtub!

YES! This is your buthtub!

Infinity pool

And if so far you thought that you are living the ultimate experience, when you will find yourself out on the pool deck you will realize you have not seen it all.

Strategically positioned out there, lies this uniquely beautiful infinity pool of the villa that seems to invite you to dive in or relax beside it. With panoramic views to the lush nature of the island and the sea and chlorine free waters, rest assured that you will want to spend most of your time there.

Viteo Skiathos 03/2011

BBQ and Outdoors Cinema

If you are not quite satiated of being outside, and you are not in the mood for Skiathos’ nightlife, having a wonderful barbeque or even watching a movie in the outdoors cinema of the villa will be an excellent choice.

Summertime means to be outside! even for Movie Time!

plane-house-greece-grill collage

History and Facts

The villa was designed by K-Studio based in Athens and London under the project name: Plane House. It was completed in 2010 and entered the rental market in 2012.

The design was based on four principles:

  • Minimal visual footprint and disturbance on the landscape
  • Seamless integration of the outside and inside
  • Low-energy footprint
  • High degree of comfort for the residents

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